Why Work for ELS

Equity LifeStyle Properties is committed to fostering a culture that is challenging, engaging, rich in benefits and offers opportunities for growth.

Due to our continued growth and expansion we are in search of qualified candidates who are proven self-starters and team players. Selected individuals will join our staff at the corporate office in Chicago, one of our regional or community locations throughout the United States.

At ELS, we draw upon the strength of our workforce, to meet and exceed the expectations of the diverse customers that we serve. We're committed to supporting the growth and development of employees at all levels to help contribute to your success.

Current Jobs

What makes for a successful career at ELS?

Customer Service

Customer service is at the heart of everything we do at ELS. Regardless of location or job title, every ELS employee is here to serve. Whether you provide service to our residents and guests or to co-workers from other areas of the company, delivering exceptional customer service is the key to our success.

For our dedicated on-site management teams, this means acting as ambassadors of their communities and being committed to consistently delivering an exceptional experience for our residents and guests.

These efforts are guided by four core values of customer service:

  • Enthusiasm — We look for team members who are enthusiastic in their work to serve our customers and who are passionate about the resort or community they represent.
  • Empathy — Effective customer service requires attentive listening and valuing the perspectives of our residents and guests.
  • Communication — Delivering superior service means being approachable, providing useful and timely information and ensuring residents and guests are treated as our priority.
  • Ownership — Team members are encouraged to take ownership of resident and guest satisfaction, seeking out solutions and ensuring the needs of our customers are addressed promptly and thoroughly.

Growth and Development

The growth and development of our employees is very important to us. We value a willingness to learn and applaud an entrepreneurial spirit.

Employees are encouraged to continuously expand their horizons and develop their skills. Tools designed to help facilitate these efforts include an established curriculum for each position, guided training programs, mentoring opportunities and access to our on-demand library of thousands of courses covering a wide variety of subjects.

Opportunities for advancement are available at every level of the company. Many of our team members have grown their careers with the company, serving in a variety of capacities as they expand their roles and increase their levels of responsibility across the organization.

Having Fun

Our team members not only work together, they also laugh together. As seriously as we take our commitment to customer service, we also understand the importance of having fun at work.

Whether it’s initiating friendly competition between communities, participating in team building activities or hosting a lively community event, our team members know that having a little fun at work goes a long way toward fostering an engaging and rewarding environment for all.